With a nightlife as hot as the sun-soaked beaches, the new reality series “The Catalina” centers on the young, wild staff of The Catalina hotel in Miami’s South Beach. Forming their own dysfunctional family unit, the fun-loving group works hard during the day, while at night, they party even harder than their guests.

The show will follow the group as they manage their relationships with each other, while working hard to create a fun, exciting experience for the guests at the hotel. When the group works and parties together, drama always ensues. The two pool bartenders Nancy and Kris used to date and still have to work together – which causes jealousy when Kris flirts with fellow staff and hotel guests. Bartender David does his best to fit in with his fellow co-workers, while pool cocktail server DeDe often serves as the voice of reason with the group.

Kung Fu, the hotel’s popular restaurant, is always bustling and restaurant general manager Morgan is all business as she tries to keep things flowing. Luckily, she has her best friend Eyal, who serves as the restaurant bartender, to keep her sane in times of stress. The front desk team consists of Vicky and Karina, best friends who love to stay after work and party at the hotel – where trouble always follows. Meanwhile, hotel owner Nathan and general manager Stephanie work to maintain order and keep the guests happy with their experience. All of this is just a day’s work for the employees of “The Catalina.”

“The Catalina” is from Bischoff Hervey Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. The series is executive produced by Eric Bischoff (“iMPACT Wrestling,” “The Devils Ride”), Jason Hervey (“iMPACT Wrestling,” “The Devils Ride”), Ted Iredell (“All About Aubrey”), Perry Dance (“All About Aubrey”), Adrian Baschuk (“Disengagement”), Nathan Lieberman and Jorge Moreno.



Nathan – Owner, The Catalina

A developer, event producer and hotelier, Nathan owns and operates numerous properties including: The Catalina, Metropole, Riviera and Chesterfield Hotels. With a BA in Film and Finance from NYU, Nathan’s role is to make sure the hotel is running smoothly.

Stephanie – General Manager

Stephanie oversees the hotel and guests and deals with any issues that arise at the hotel. She checks in with each department and makes announcements to the staff about what is happening each weekend.

Morgan – Kung Fu Restaurant General Manager

Morgan oversees 22 employees and a kitchen that is too small for the amount of business Kung Fu brings in. All this pressure and responsibility cause her to quit at least once a day! Fortunately, it only takes about 15 minutes before she calms down again and returns to work. Possessing the strongest personality of the bunch, Morgan isn’t afraid to let it show.

Eyal – Kung Fu Restaurant Bartender

Eyal loves his job because he is a “people person.” Working part-time at The Catalina, he attends school full-time to become a fashion designer. Even though they are very different, he is closest with Morgan. Eyal loves flirting and isn’t afraid to let it be known when he is interested in someone.

Nancy – Pool Bartender

Nancy used to date Kris and although she says it is over between them, she may still access some relationship “benefits” every once in a while. Nancy drinks all day while she is working because she feels that an important part of her job is to make sure everyone has a good time.

Kris – Pool Bartender

Kris used to date Nancy, but they broke up several months ago and still work together. No one is off limits to Kris – a flirt and likes to chat up the hotel guests and staff alike.

DeDe – Pool Services/ Cocktail Server

The only cocktail waitress at the pool (and always busy), DeDe has a good head on her shoulders. When guests order food she has to race downstairs and all the way over to Maxine’s to bring it back. Fortunately, everyone up at the pool helps her out when she needs it. DeDe is closest to Stephanie and David.

David – Bartender – Floats between the pool bar and the Kung Fu lobby bar

What David lacks in experience, he makes up for in fun. He loves working up at the pool bar making sure everyone is having a good time. When things get slammed he distracts the customers by doing body shots. Closest with Vicky and Karina, David believes that although The Catalina family may fight with each other they have each other’s back…no matter what.

Karina – Front Desk

Venezuelan best friends, Karina and Vicky are so inseparable that they finish each other’s sentences. They don’t go out to clubs, but prefer to hang out at the King Fu Restaurant bar after work and drink there. Although she’s very patient, dealing with the guests is the hardest part of Karina’s job. She tries not to take things personally, but often can’t help it.

Vicky – Front Desk

Vicky likes working at The Catalina because she used to hang out here all the time, instead of the local clubs. She says you have to have a LOT of patience with this job. She and Karina often hang out with David a lot because he’s not only really fun, but also the guy she would NEVER date, so it’s safe being out with him.


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