The multi-talented Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D. talks about his ventures into the solo artist game, things he doesn’t do well and secrets to becoming a rockstar.

Being a graphic designer, painter, bassist and solo artist, you have to wonder what he doesn’t do well. Piggy D. says, “I’m a horrible cook and I don’t cut my own hair … I pay good money to have someone else take care of that for me.”

His solo album “The Evacuation Plan” is available on Amazon.

Every musician has bands or artists they follow and Piggy D. is no exception. His latest aural obsessions include Bob Mould, Paul Westerberg and Lady Gaga. “I’m a nerd for Lady Gaga,” he admits.

Are you looking to start a career as a musician? Listen up! Here’s a top from somone who knows. “Learn how to write a good song. Anybody can get up there and play anybody else’s music or learn how to sing like whoever, but if you can write a song and sing it — you’re a god.

Piggy D. | Official Site

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