streetbeat650x2001 WATCH NOW:  Education, STEM, and Morse Code

Airs Sunday, Nov 27, 2011 at 11am

Education is the key to success so this week’s Street Beat focuses on organizations that help students return to school after dropping out or build interest in STEM programs. 

First, Syma Chowdhry learns about the Fusion Academy, a special program helping high school drop-outs change their lives, from Joi Mausi, student outreach coordinator, and Erica Freeman-Jones, Center Director of Fusion Academy West.

Then Community Correspondent Cindy Kainz hears about two military-based programs trying to increase interest science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields from Steve Gordon, NDIA-MI STEM Committee Member and Stacey Eeman, STEM Director for Women in Defense.  

Then Community Correspondent Rosalie Kakos gets the details on Wayne State University’s STEM program for young women called Go-Girl from Dr. Sally Roberts, the Director of the program.

Finally, Syma leans about the Morse Code Scholarship Program from Attorney Michael Morse and Chacona Johnson—the President and CEO of the Detroit Public Schools Foundation.





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Comments (3)
  1. MARCY says:

    What a great opportunity for DPS students! Please help spread the word to all students in DPS system – multi-media contest means all the 11th & 12th grade students can show their creativity while helping to bring attention to the growing problem of distracted driving! Thanks Michael Morse! Can’t wait to see the results!

    1. Sneekyheart says:

      Please ecsuxe the Scattante. I did a brief stint at Performance Bikes a couple years back. For 70% off of their own brands i just had to.Hopefully the brand new black SRAM rival groupo makes up for the frame…The cat’s name is slippers.

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