Street Beat

Airs Sunday, November 6 at 11am

“Survivor Stories” – This episode features survivors and discusses the things that they have done to help them beat the odds or handle the stress of losing a loved one. 

First Syma Chowdhry talks with Molly MacDonald of the Pink Fund, a breast cancer networking group which was founded by MacDonald after she faced her own struggles with breast cancer.

Then Syma learns about Feet and Friends Fighting Colon Cancer is a fundraiser founded by marathon runner and colon cancer survivors Karen Lewis and Susan Snyder to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Next, Lauren Maiman and Danielle Martin of Camp Casey, a pediatric cancer horseback riding camp, explain their program to Syma.

Finally, the authors of “The Color of Rain,” the story of Michael and Gina Spehn who  rebuilt their lives after the loss of their spouses and found love in the process, talk about their foundation, A New Day.


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