Style Detroit 2011 is the hottest new event from Uneek Entertainment, the masterminds behind DGG faves “Uneek Summerfest” and the “BLUEPRINT Detroit Fashion Week Launch Party” from this year’s DFW season! Grab your fashionista friends and check out this fab new event, happening November 5th at 8pm, at the Park Bar in Detroit!

Style Detroit 2011 pits top salons in metro Detroit against each other, as they compete for most UNEEK style for 2012.

Salons will be given one item of clothing provided by Uneek Collection. The salons will then be judged on their ability to use the article of clothing in most creative and fashion forward way!

Each salon’s model will be judged from head to toe, including hair, make-up, nails, accessories, and outfit coordination. There will be judges and crowd participation to determine the winners…and we’re excited to announce that DGG Bethany is one of the exclusive guest judges for this inaugural event!

The only rule for the salons is that they must use the Uneek Clothing Item. The rest is up to them!!!

The night will also include performances by:

Lewis Hensley

The Park Bar is located at:
2040 Park Ave
Detroit, MI

Comments (2)
  1. beth says:

    Will this event be televised on November 5th?

    1. Kenji says:

      I agree with the dernags of this de-regulation of salon, barbershop, nail shops, how quickly they forget the out break just a few years ago in Orlando, some women lost fingers, toes, and huge hunks of skin off their legs from dirty shop and wrong practices on santitation. The lost of jobs, teachers would not be needed, schools would not receive tution, and private inspectors? We are revering back to the dark ages, back to paying off inspectors like they did in the past? Ha, There’s a new barbershop in the same parking lot as mine and I know they do not have a license because just out of the blue they rented this space and next day they where open as a barbershop, I know from experience it takes weeks to get inspected from the state and looking inside could see no hand washing sinks, wet santizetiers, etc, they have cut inspectors so bad who knows if anyone will check this shop or if someone gets a infection from them, then they might swing by. It a sad state of affairs when just anyone can start cutting, coloring, perms, straigthing handing very close contact with others and not want someone educated to protect them and themselves from infections and diseses. Ive never seen a county so bent on destory its roots and guidlines put in place from others who had experience the results of no regulations and what horrors happen because of no education of people doing certain services and past outcome have we forgot the past?

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