Street Beat

Street Beat airs Sunday at 11am on CW50

This week the focus is on health, heart, and mind as host Syma Chowdhry and the Community Correspondents look at organizations bringing awareness to and assisting with health problems. 

First, Correspondent Melissa Thrasher finds out about food allergies from Melissa Vecchi, Food Allergy Connection Support Group Co-Leader and Shannon Murphy, honorary chair and on-air personality for Channel 955.

Then Correspondent Ben Falik discusses mental health issues with Janette Shallal, executive director of Kadima, a Jewish mental health agency whose mission is to provide psychological services, residential options, supported employment and social activities on a nonsectarian basis for residents of Oakland County.

Coming up next Melissa is back with information on heart health as she is joined by Stefanie Worth, Health Equity Director for the Association and Dr. Al Dodds a Michigan Heart Physician at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor.

Street Beat host Syma Chowdhry talks to Johnathan Tillman of Connecting The Dots to find out how his organization helps low income people get information and access to prostate and breast cancer tests.  For more information, call 248-924-1776.

Then Community Correspondent Rosalie Kakos shares information on “A Night of Charity in the Big Easy.”

Comments (3)
  1. Johnathan Tillman says:

    Hello Syman.

    I was interview by you last Thursday for this Sunday show. Can I see my interview from your webpage? Is there another link? Please let me know.

    Johnathan Tillman
    Connecting The Dots of Michigan, LLC
    Founder and CEO

    1. Sebastian says:

      Anna – That is quite pssliboy the best funny photo EVER!!! This one definitely made me smile and I actually laughed out loud!!!! I think we should have a write that caption challenge for this!!! Oh and by the way you are a great writer I love the Reece’s Pieces blogs!!! As long as you say it from the heart, God will help make it sound fantastic on the blog!!! Love ya!!!

    2. Pop says:

      Anna – And she does it again!!! Courtney!!! I will never ever be able to tell you how AWESOME you are but I will try anyawys!!! You truly have an AMAZING gift from God. You are able to capture everything unique about a person. I absolutely adore these!!! I know that the moms are going to LOVE them. Thank you so very much for making my brother’s homecoming such a special celebration!!! We will be able to treasure these photos for a life time You never knew I was totally 100% serious when I first told you that you would be taking ALL of my photos from now on, did you? hahaha. You definitely have a life-long friend and customer in me and my family. And for everyone else out there if you are thinking about Courtney Reece Photography stop thinking and start booking!!! You will never ever regret it!!!! Courtney, you are awesome and I thank God daily that you are such a big part of my life!!! Thank you!!!! xoxo

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