Wigs 4 Kids

A local charity goes Hollywood! 

“Quiet on Set! Set’s up for take!”

Wigs 4 Kids On Set

The Michigan Creative Film Alliance on location at Wigs 4 Kids for the filming of "Beauty Queen." Photo provided by Wigs 4 Kids.

Hard to believe Wigs 4 Kids would ever hear these words at their Wellness Center, yet that was the case when students from the Michigan Creative Film Alliance arrived to film scenes for Beauty Queen. The independent film tells the story of a young woman with alopecia who competes in beauty pageants to earn scholarships that will pay for her college education.

The Michigan Creative Film Alliance, comprised of students from University of Michigan, Michigan State and Wayne State University, was looking for a venue that could serve as a wig shop, and chose the Wigs 4 Kids Wellness Center in St. Clair Shores. Wigs 4 Kids is a one of a kind non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which reaches out to kids and young adults through age 18 with hair loss.

“We are so honored to be a part of this project as it will raise further awareness of what children and teens diagnosed with alopecia experience physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically,” said Maggie Varney, Founder & CEO of Wigs 4 Kids, “One of our wig recipients, Jaeleen, was selected for a supporting role in the film as well, since she too has alopecia, wears a wig and competes in beauty pageants.”


Screenwriter Kelci Parker, Actress Jocelyn Elyssa Cutean, and Director Anna Fleury pose for photos on set. Photo provided by Wigs 4 Kids.

The script was written by Kelci Parker who was diagnosed with alopecia in 1996.  Key members of the student production included Lead Actress (playing the Beauty Queen) Jocelyn Elyssa Cutean, Producer Jacqueline Wilton, and Director Anna Fleury.

The film will premiere at the Detroit Film Theater in late March of 2012 and will be entered in film festivals following the film’s premiere.
To learn more about Wigs 4 Kids, visit www.wigs4kids.org or call 586-772-6656.

Wigs4Kids-Actress Producer

Actress Jocelyn Elyssa Cutean and Producer Jacqueline Wilton are part of the Michigan Creative Film Alliance production team who produced "Beauty Queen." Photo courtesy of Wigs 4 Kids.

Thanks to Maggie Varney, Jennifer Kloenhamer, and all the wonderful people at Wigs 4 Kids for sharing this story…and for all they do to help children who struggle with social acceptance because of physical appearance.

If you would like to help, you can join them at Wigging Out 4 Wigs 4 Kids, their 8th annual fundraising gala.  The event takes place on September 16 at 6pm at the Barrister Gardens Banquet Center, 24225 Harper Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080.  Visit their website for more information:  www.wigs4kids.org.


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