keyframe 8 7 11 Immigration and Detroit

Sunday, August 7 at 11:30am

This week on Street Beat Host Syma Chowdhry and the community correspondents look at immigration and its impact on Detroit. 

Up first, Dr. Mukhtar Khan, who came to this country from Pakistan, talks about the Hassan Foundation that brings aid to Pakistani orphans.

Then Professor Hayg Oshagan, the Director of New Michigan Media, talks about the organization’s work to represent the 100+ ethnic and minority media outlets in Michigan and the recent seminar on immigration as a means of rebuilding Detroit.

Community Correspondent Timme Mackie talks with Wojciech Zolnowski about The International Institute of Metro Detroit.

Finally, Syma interviews Jose Franco and Dayanna Rebollodo about One Michigan, an organization led by immigrant youth that provides resources to immigrant communities through organizing, education, and empowerment.

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