Street Beat

Sunday, June 19 at 11:30am

Freedom of religion is a constitutionally guaranteed right in this country — but there’s no guarantee on tolerance.  This week on Street Beat, Syma Chowdhry and the Community Correspondents look at several different religions to see what is being done to promote growth…and understanding. 

First Syma talks with Rev. Barbara Clevenger, a minister from the Unity Church of Farmington Hills and a member of the Interfaith Leadership Council Of Metropolitan Detroit.

Then Community Correspondent Ben Falik talks to Leor Barak of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue, a synagogue that’s experiencing a rebirth in the city of Detroit.

Next, Community Correspondent Stephanie McClung finds out about the need for new priests within the Catholic Church from Father Tim Birney, Vocations Director of Archdiocese of Detroit.

Finally Syma Chowdhry discusses Islam, tolerance, and Dr. Terry Jones with Najah Bazzy, a representative of the Islam faith and the founder of Zaman International-Hope for Humanity and Diveristy Specialists.

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