wtitcaliforniaoakscreen041238 Whats that tree? Theres an App for That

We all know that the iPhone is probably the hottest gadget on the market right now. One of the main reasons for the iPhone’s immense popularity is all the sweet apps that are available for it. There are gaming apps, apps that help you find the best deal when shopping and apps that make funny noises when you shake your iPhone. All these apps are pretty great and really fun. I for one have literally spent days shaking my iPhone and giggling. But did you know there are some educational apps out there as well?

One such app comes from the Arbor Day Foundation and it’s called the Arbor Day Tree Identification Guide: What Tree is That? The app is based on the Arbor Day Foundation’s “What Tree is That?” field guide. When I first heard about this app the first thing that came to my mind was “Where was this when I was taking high school biology?” It would have made that tree identification assignment so much easier.

 The app uses a user-friendly step-by-step method, explaining what to look for when identifying a tree using factors such as leaf shape, color, texture and other characteristics. Once you’ve identified the tree you can use GPS to tag the tree at its exact location. I love this feature because it can become quite handy when you are out on a date with that environmentally conscious special someone. It’s almost like a conversation starter cheat sheet.

 So whether you’re a teacher, a student, an amateur conservationist or just someone trying to impress a date, this app can be quite handy. The app cost is $4.99 and can be purchased through iTunes. Is there an educational app that you are loving on right now? Or any other kind of app you just can’t get enough of? Well let me know about it. That’s what the comments section is for!  -Kevin

  1. Aline says:

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