Doesn’t it seem like common sense in Michigan to support local businesses these days? Spending your hard-earned dollars can have a positive ripple effect not just in the store itself, but also in the region.

Independent We Stand is a consortium of small businesses that promotes spending locally. They say just a small shift in your weekly spending habits to local independent businesses rather than online or large national chains pays big dividends to the local economy. A larger portion of your money stays within the community and goes towards roads, schools, and jobs.

If you are experiencing local shoppers block, here are some unique ideas.

shutterstock ribs and beer1 Support Local BusinessesFor the adventurers, enjoy a gastronomic festival with Taste-Full Tours, based in Royal Oak. Book a tour or create your own private touring experience and they will make all the arrangements and do all the driving. Enjoy the best beer and barbeque Detroit has to offer or get a behind-the-scenes look in the kitchens of some of the best chefs in the area. The only limit is your imagination.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone but that doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy a sweet craving. If cupcakes are your treat-of-choice, The Cupcake Station has threeshutterstock cupcakes2 Support Local Businesses locations in the area. These indulgent confections are a perfect end to any meal at home. You can even order online. Why deny yourself the decadence of a carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting? It’s just done right.

Want to go in the opposite direction? We won’t ignore you health nuts out there. shutterstock fruit market1 Support Local BusinessesCheck out Nino Salvaggio’s International Marketplace. They have three locations in the Metro Detroit Area and you’d be hard pressed to find as large a selection of fresh fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses and breads anywhere else.

Like books? How about killing a few hours in a store that has four stories of them?shutterstock book stack1 Support Local Businesses John K King Books on Lafayette Boulevard in Detroit has the ticket for those of us who still enjoy a tactile relationship with books. These people understand what it means to savor the feel and smell of a book. Lots of books. All kinds of books. Rare and unique books. It’s enough to make one a little teary-eyed. Sniff.

If you are looking for authentic Detroit items from T-shirts, accessories, Pewabic shutterstock detroit skyline1 Support Local Businessestiles to Great Lakes Coffee and everything in between, you can find them all at Pure Detroit. They have three locations and online shopping at

If you have a local hidden gem you like to shop at, e-mail us at

  1. lisa baraghith says:

    Please contact us about featuring sheesh restaurant in ann arbor, michigan a small business about cooking on your morning show.

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