5 New Ways To Romance Your Valentine

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Every year, lovers exchange cards, flowers, and that oh-so-delicate phrase “I love you.” This year, try making things a little bit more original with the help of CW50!

1. Everyone knows chocolate is one of the number one gifts on February 14th. Here’s a thought…instead of buying chocolate for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day:

• Try making your sweetheart breakfast in bed!
• Get your sweetheart’s favorite ice cream with heart candy toppings.
• Try cooking whatever your Valentine ordered on your first date
• Enjoy a nice picnic at the park with champagne and chocolate-covered food
• Bake a Valentine’s Day cake for your Valentine

shutterstock 23721421 5 New Ways To Romance Your Valentine2. Roses are extremely pretty, but extremely played out as well. Just to make this Valentine’s Day stand out…instead of getting roses:

• Get your Valentine a fancy picnic basket with wine, wine glasses, and lilys to go with it
• Get your Valentine a Valentine’s Day card sprayed with perfume and filled with hand-picked daisies
• Buy them a basket of Valentine’s Day lollipops
• Get your lovely Valentine a cocktail dress with a rose stitched to it
• Get a card and a bouquet of lilacs! They’re still flowers, but their color is purely immaculate and original.

3. Jewelry is one of those gifts that definitely create shock (in a good way), but there are plenty of things you can get that hold that the shock value you’re looking for. Instead of jewelry:

• Get your sweetheart a puppy!
• Get your lovely Valentine expensive lingerie
• Get your Valentine that cologne they’ve always wanted
• Get them a Valentine’s Day robe and body oils to go with it
• Try getting a loofah with a Valentine’s Day message in it

shutterstock 64892620 5 New Ways To Romance Your Valentine4. Instead of taking that traditional trip out to dinner:

• Take your Valentine to go see a play!
• Fly you and your Valentine out to the most romantic city in the world…Paris!
• Take your Valentine out to a winery for unique wine and chocolate
• The two of you could enjoy an all-day spa treatment
• You could have a double-date movie night at home with another couple

5. Five easy ways to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day…

• You could have your dog deliver your gift to your Valentine
• Surprise your Valentine with flowers after they assume you’ve forgotten about the holiday
• Wake your Valentine up to the sound of “your song” and ask for a dance
• Write a heartfelt Valentine’s Day poem
• Write “I love you” on something you know your Valentine will see!


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