20115 CW50s Guide To Realistic Resolutions

It’s only been a few days since the clock hit midnight, Detroit, and 2011 is kicking off with a bang! With that comes a new calendar and, of course, those coveted New Year’s resolutions. Just why are they always so hard to keep? A huge reason that they usually aren’t all that realistic, so CW50 is here to give you a few ways to help you keep your resolutions.

Just to make things a little more fun, we’re gonna throw in the MOST POPULAR New Year’s resolutions you probably hear.

10 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions:

1.) “Happy New Year! I’m losing 100 pounds!”

trying to lose weight CW50s Guide To Realistic ResolutionsHold your horses, bucko…Losing 100 pounds isn’t all that realistic unless you already have a usual exercise routine or even a gym routine. So how about “Happy New Year! I’m gonna get in shape,” instead, because that’s what losing weight is really all about…eating right and getting healthy.

2.) “Happy New Year! I’m gonna stop…”

That’s great! But, how do you plan on doing it? Cutting things you enjoy doing like drinking, smoking, or eating fast-food, cold-turkey is a lot easier said than done. Come up with a good and easy way to help you achieve your goal, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family.

3.) “Happy New Year! I’m gonna make a lot more money!”

Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good idea…but making more money usually comes with a better job. Instead of trying to wish yourself into a better financial situation, set yourself up by taking the steps necessary to land a better paying job. For example, work on changing your resume or doing something to enhance your resume. So try, “Happy New Year! I’m getting a better job!” instead.

4.) “Happy New Year! I’m gonna stop shopping!”shopaholic CW50s Guide To Realistic Resolutions 
We all know people love to shop and that’s completely okay, especially if you love to do it and it’s fun for you. We also know the biggest problem with people and shopping is the price tag. So for all the shopaholics out there…your resolution should be something like, “I’m gonna shop less,” and that turns into less spending (which is probably the reason you wanted to stop shopping so much in the first place).

5.) “Happy New Year! I want the PERFECT relationship!”

Good for you, but NO relationship is perfect, not even “Brangelina.” Plus, nowadays, you can be out of a relationship as fast as you got in one. The best thing to do is to take what you learned from one relationship to the next one and see just how much it helps. It’s even a good idea to stop comparing yourselves to that perfect couple you see on TV or saw while you were out somewhere, because all that does is put a strain on your relationship and what makes it special. And it’s always good to remember…nobody’s perfect.

6.) “Happy New Year! I’m going back to school!”going back to school3 CW50s Guide To Realistic Resolutions
Uh…for what? Try something like, “I’m gonna figure out what I want to do in life.” School is above and beyond expensive these days, and tuition is only going to climb. So instead of paying for courses you have no interest in, you should think and research what it is, exactly, you actually want to do in life. Then, if you should decide to go back to school, you’ll have done your homework!

7.) “Happy New Year! I’m quitting my job!”

Whoa! Maybe you should try looking for a job that suits you best WHILE holding onto the job you have. Even if it’s embarrassing (or you just flat out hate it), you should never quit. It looks bad in an interview to say you quit a job because you hated it, and it shows a potential employer that when times get tough, you’re a quitter…and that’s never good.

8.) “Happy New Year! I’m gonna stop arguing with people all the time!”

Really? Because if someone doubted you, you would probably start arguing right then. Tackle the real issue which, more-than-likely, is your anger…or maybe you’re just a sensitive person. Either one is okay, but if you realize there’s a problem there, you should probably fix it. Anger management or therapy could help, or try something simpler like calming down and taking the time to address what’s really bothering you. Trust me, you might be surprised at the end result.

9.) “Happy New Year! I’m gonna be famous!”

It seems like everyone thinks they have what it takes to make it big in Tinseltown, but truth is, everybody doesn’t. If you know you have a passion for something that could put you in the limelight, then go for it! But, if you want to be the most famous singer in the country and you can’t even sing, it’s probably not going to happen. So for all you dreamers out there…dream big and work hard…but don’t limit yourself to a year’s time to make it onto the red carpet.

10.) “Happy New Year! I’m taking cooking lessons!”
cooking lesson CW50s Guide To Realistic ResolutionsWhether it’s from watching too many cooking shows or whether you just feel like it’s something cool to know how to do, everyone wants to be “head chef.” The thing is, some people genuinely despise cooking and they never find out until they’re actually…cooking. So try getting a feel for the kitchen at home or even at someone else’s place, who can actually cook, before you go throwing money down the garbage disposal.


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