How Do You Know
How Do You Know
is a movie that is awkward in all the best ways possible.
You’ve got awkward family dynamics, awkward blind dates, awkward dates with the person you’re actually dating, and frankly, just some purely bizarre scenarios…but you know what? It’s kind of charming. And hilarious. And truly relatable. That’s why this movie works.

In the seemingly endless list of today’s cookie-cutter rom-coms (that’s “romantic comedies” for you non-abbreviators out there), it is a rarity to find a film whose starlet doesn’t roll out of bed with perfect make-up applied, or whose leading man is actually having a more intense life crisis than the leading lady.

I mean…how else is he supposed to come to her rescue?

How Do You Know - Reese WitherspoonThat’s just it. He doesn’t. Writers are slowly beginning to get with the program and recognize that sometimes, what women want to see at the movies isn’t a man coming to her rescue. Rather, they’d prefer the opportunity for the female lead to look at her leading man and, a la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, “rescue him right back.”

I liked that Reese Witherspoon’s hair wasn’t always perfect; that Paul Rudd didn’t always know the right thing to say; and that Jack Nicholson was…well…the same snide, mischievous character he always plays so well.

How Do You Know - Paul RuddThese characters and their imperfections…these are the things that make them memorable. It’s become commonplace to have a leading lady whose biggest problem is the fact that she just can’t get a date…even though she’s a total knockout with a fabulous wardrobe and an enviable career.

Let’s be real here. That’s just not how it works.

To see Reese in this movie, a successful, kind-hearted woman (and yes…still a knockout), get thrown a curveball (no pun intended. Okay – maybe a little pun intended) and have to deal with the fact that “life just sucks sometimes” – to me, that’s real. That’s relatable.

How Do You Know - Owen WilsonEach character in this movie, at some point, gets a “life sucks” hand dealt to them, and seeing how each of them copes with it…that’s a big part of what makes this movie worth your ten bucks.

So get out there and see it. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And at times, you’ll probably be feeling pretty good about your life, once you see what these characters have to put up with.

How Do You Know hits theatres on December 17th. Check it out!


**CW50 received passes courtesy of Allied Advertising


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